Gourou Musical rencontre Syntax Error

Snork71 Artwork

Suite à la sortie de son EP, nous avons eu l’occasion de poser quelques questions à Syntax Error.

1 – Can you introduce yourself a little ?
Hey, my name is Christian Schachta alias Syntax Error. Finally based in Hamburg, I am active as music producer and dj, as well as label manager of the label Snork Enterprises. Having started in 1998 as a party promoter, I have been engaging in music business for more than 15 years now. In the early days, I promoted several techno parties in various German clubs. Yet parties are a risky business. So I decided to promote techno in a different way, finally as label manager and dj myself. Pursuing my passion, I build up the labels Feinwerk, Relax 2000 and Snork Enterprises, each of it with its one-of-a-kind-sound. Moreover I started a party project called UNDERtheGROUND with a close friend taking place in Giessen, the city I lived during my studies and a few years after.

2 – Which are your greatest musical influences ?
When I started to make music, I was more into drum’n’bass, which is maybe a reason why I like this special basslines which I often use or which I prefer in other records. Yet from the day I visited the « dungeon » of Berlin´s Tresor club for the first time, I fell in « love » with the 4×4 beats which used to get bashed around your head down there. From this moment on I wasinto techno. Also, I got really influenced by artists like Cristian Vogel, Neil Landstrumm, Tobias Schmidt or the dj sets of Dave Tarrida. It was this very special, highly energetic atmosphere which was created by this kind of music and in this kind of clubs, and in Berlin as such. It always differed from the music in other cities like Frankfurt. However, in Frankfurt for example around 2000 – 2004 the U60311 with the parties of Chris Liebing was also an inspiring and exciting surrounding. Yet for me, Berlin was something special. But always, things change and I actually miss this kind of atmosphere in nowadays techno scene very much. I don´t feel the same energy anymore. 

3 – Do you have any exciting projects upcoming ?
A lot of things are coming up. Right now I am working on some new tracks as Syntax Error. For example. I will have a track on the next Wakkler release and a remix on the next Tarvisium electronique. Plus, I am also preparing some music for a project under a different name. Concerning my label business, I am planning to relaunch my labels FEINWERK and Relax2000, with as a collection of more experimental undeground techno RELAX2000 as a base for newcomers. That’s the plan in general – we’ll see what the outcome will be exactly. As a kind of kick off, at the end of  year, there will be a FEINWERK21 featuring Norman, Bill Youngman, Berk Offset and myself. Moreover, there will be a new UNDERtheGROUND release, a vinyl only label that I am also running, with two grimey tracks by Neil Landstrumm. A new Snork is in the row starring Remute who just finished his little Japan tour. Since Hamburg is my new hometown, I am also about to plan a party series there.

4 – We are called « Gourou Musical », and we bring to our public some good music. What would you recommend everyone should listen ? 
Snork Enterprises! What else 😉 Yet, there are of course a few other good things to listen to, for example the releases on the different Clone labels, especially the ones from Randomer. I also like the Chicago House beats from Marquis Hawkes with its funky groove very much. And I´m a big fan of Blawan. That’s exactly what I like: a kind of rugh energy on the dancefloor. There are also some new release from Neil Landstrumm on Rawax and another new one coming up on Because Music which are all very nice. Right now there is a lot of music which has this oldschool spirit with sounds like back in the 90´s – simple, reduced beats, straight to the point concentrating only on the things which acutally count on the dance floor: good drums and some simple fucking funk. Bang! That´s why I also like a lot of the old Techno music which is absolutely worth listening to. One more recommandation from more modern releases is the music of Rodhad with its special dark attitude! 

5 – What makes you the most proud in your career ?
It makes me especially proud that I can call the most artists who I work with my friends. And for me the very special thing about it is, that back in the days when I was younger, they have been my heroes – and they still are! Luckily I had the opportunity to realize some exciting music projects with them on my labels. What else I really enjoy is that you can go into a recordstore in Tokyo and you can find a record in a yellow sleeve on the wall! It’s awesome to be able to spread music in countries a thousand miles away. And I also got some great inspiration from all over the world by working with various artists with different backgrounds such as Jens Zimmermann, Phil Kieran, Cristian Vogel, Neil Landstrumm, Bill Youngman, DJ W!ld, Konstantin Sibold, Daze Maxim, Patrick Lindsey, Dave Tarrida, Remute, Harry Axt, Dapayk, Berk Offset, Sender Berlin, Fumiya Tanaka, Ditch, Monkey B – just to mention a few. For me, this also shrinked the size of the earthball a little.  What else makes me proud is, that I still dj with real hands on reals records, as well as the real dj mistakes in a mix 😉 And that I keep on going to release vinly records. Until today I have been publishing over 100 vinyl records on my labels. Some of them have been really successfull. Some of them haven´t been understood by the masse. Yet, that´s how it goes with art and good music.


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